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Alleviates Teeth
Grinding & Clenching

Helps Prevent Morning Headaches!

Covers Top Front Teeth Only.

Innovative Design.

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Only $29.99 For A Two (2) Pack

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Learn More About Our Dental Guard and How It Can Help You.

Designed By An Expert TMJ Dentist

SmartGuard® Night Guard was designed by a TMJ Dentist who has been treating patients suffering from the symptoms of clenching and grinding teeth for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Spainhower designed the SmartGuard® Night Guard utilizing advanced technology dentists use to make custom night guards to relieve the painful symptoms of clenching and grinding teeth.

Now you can get the relief you need at a price anyone can afford!

Top Reasons Why SmartGuard® Night Guard
Is Simply The Best Dental Guard

Whether you are suffering from TMJ disorder or nighttime clenching and grinding, our custom molded dental guard is an extremely affordable solution compared to other expensive custom molded night guards available in the market (these dental guards can cost hundreds of dollars). We also offer a 1 year no grind thru money back guarantee because we want to ensure your long-term satisfaction with our product.

  • It’s More Comfortable - COVERS FRONT TEETH ONLY!

    Did You Know That Guards That Cover the Back Teeth Can Actually Increase Chewing, ​Clenching, and Grinding? SmartGuard® doesn’t do that.

  • Mold It Once

    Mold It Once for A Perfect Custom Fit!

  • BPA and Latex Free

    Doesn’t contain materials known to cause allergic reactions.

  • Value Priced Bonus Pack

    Only $29.99 for a Two (2) Pack.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    1 Year No-Grind-Thru MONEY BACK Guarantee.

What Our Satisfied Customers Say

The SmartGuard Elite does what it is designed to do. I have tried several different night mouth guards for bruxism over the years and this is the most comfortable one yet. I followed the directions and had no trouble molding it to fit my mouth.

J.A. Hernandez

This product really does work. I have suffered from TMJ for several years and wearing this at night is the only thing that seems to consistently help. The molding process can be a bit difficult, but it seems to fit well and the product seems to last well (as long your dog doesn’t eat it, as happened with the first one I purchased.)

Pat Suyak

I have been using the Smartguard for a month now and I am so pleased. I have tried so many guards and this is the first that has worked for me. I did experience TMJ, headaches, ringing in ears, vertigo, neck pain and nausea throughout my days but not now. I strongly suggest this Smartguard for anyone who grinds or clenches. Who would have ever thought that this odd looking guard would have given me back my normal life?

Shannon B.

I love the New Improved SmartGuard Elite! What to expect…It’s comfortable (not too hard, not too soft) – stays in place (Fits firmly) – doesn’t cause gagging (also, doesn’t rub against your gums, irritating them). The SmartGuard fits in the front of your mouth only (This isn’t completely clear on the pictures) and prevents your teeth from touching. No more headaches. No more sore muscles in my jaw and neck. ( I would wake up with severe headaches, from clinching my teeth together-not a great way to start the day.) I have previously used four different brands…. The other brands go all the way in the back of your mouth and caused me to gag, build up saliva or didn’t fit right. I usually ended up not being able to fall asleep and just took them out of my mouth, during the night. Once I actually woke up with my mouth guard chewed up into a ball. I absolutely encourage you to try the SmartGuard Elite. (Make sure you buy the New Improved!)


I love the new improved smart guard it’s so comfortable… Since I started using this I have been sleeping do good I wake up feeling great no more headaches from clenching all night…. My jaw isn’t sore anymore.


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